Elizabeth Gomez was born in Cali, Colombia. From an early age it was evident that Elizabeth had talent and an innate ability for drawing and painting and was determined to pursue a life in art. She used to paint replicas from others artists in order to explore and to master different kind of techniques.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and Furniture Design at “Academia de Dibujo Profesional” in Cali, Colombia. There she learnt about Art History, Color Theory, Wall Design, Decoration etc.

After working for years in an interior design company in Colombia, she moved to U.S. and began her own business as Artist Painter and Muralist in Florida in 2003 . She creates artwork that enhances the interior space as residential and commercial areas.

Elizabeth has the ability to work in many mediums and techniques including Oil Paintings, Murals, Trompe L’Oeil etc. therefore she has had her work requested by a much larger audience.

Although Elizabeth is located in Palm Beach (Florida) she is hired for customers in different cities of US. She will travel anywhere to work on location or can complete the work in her studio on theatrical muslin and install it on location. This option is usually more cost effective and offers the benefit of being able to relocate the mural if it becomes necessary. When working with this method, the client can receive photos via e-mail or fed-ex to keep up with the progress and to give input on the work. For long walls or whole houses for paint, she has a team that offer top quality work executed in a timely and cost effective manner. Her murals have been featured in local newspapers and Tv channels. Thus she has exhibited her paintings in Miami and New York. Elizabeth was represented by Agora Gallery in New York in 2012.

Her paintings are basically romantic scenes, landscapes and panoramic views, the concept is like an idyllic romance between the nature and the architecture.

She invites you to browse her paintings and Murals which have been created by her in Colombia and U.S.

Exhibition in Agora Gallery N.Y 2012

Press Release by Agora Gallery

Choosing subjects that are typically ordinary landscape or interior scenes, Elizabeth Gomez imbues her works with a palpable sense of ethereal romance. Vivaciously realistic in aesthetic, Gomez ennobles her subjects with a radiant exquisiteness that seems to sparkle from her canvases and find its way into our lives. Vivid, opulent oil paint is meticulously applied through careful, deft brushstrokes that are at once energizing and serenely tranquil. Almost dreamlike in her choice of both theme and subject, the artist attempts to permeate real life with an effortless, whimsical beauty. She approaches her canvases free of conditions or preconceived ideas; instead, she allows her experiences and consciousness to flow from within her psyche into her artworks. Largely self-taught, Gomez is completely unrestricted in medium, exploring a range of media in order to express herself fully. She says that “art has been part of my whole life; it helps me maintain an interior balance,” and it is this balance that calls out to the viewer in her creations. A Colombian native, Eliza Gomez lives and works in Florida.

Artist Statement

“My paintings reflect perceptions of beauty, harmony and peace, in a balance between nature and architecture; I try to capture with vivid oil colors my energy and my deepest love for what God (the universe) and humans have unconsciously created, resulting in a beautiful dream of some point of my existence. Throughout the years I have felt that each of my paintings symbolically expresses a state of mood and a new stage of my life. The truth is that I never know what my next artwork will turn out to be until I’m in front of a blank canvas and I close my eyes for a moment. The uncertainty I feel then is what encourages me to explore new ideas. For me painting and creativity are basic needs to express my artistic sensitivity, feeling in total harmony with myself and nature while giving thanks for life”.