“French Restaurant”
20″ x 24″ – Oil on Canvas – 2011


Elizabeth Gomez is a Fine Art painter and muralist. She is continually painting original art in her studio like also she is commissioned to paint murals for both private residences and corporate offices or showrooms. She is located in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The services include: Original oil paintings, Custom original oil’s paintings and Murals & Trompe L’oeil painted on wall and ceilings or also they can be painted on canvas or muslin and then installed on site.

“Choosing subjects that are typically ordinary landscape or interior scenes, Elizabeth Gomez imbues her works with a palpable sense of ethereal romance. Vivaciously realistic in aesthetic, Gomez ennobles her subjects with a radiant exquisiteness that seems to sparkle from her canvases and find its way into our lives. Vivid, opulent oil paint is meticulously applied through careful, deft brushstrokes that are at once energizing and serenely tranquil. Almost dreamlike in her choice of both theme and subject, the artist attempts to permeate real life with an effortless, whimsical beauty. She approaches her canvases free of conditions or preconceived ideas; instead, she allows her experiences and consciousness to flow from within her psyche into her artworks. Largely self-taught, Gomez is completely unrestricted in medium, exploring a range of media in order to express herself fully. She says that “art has been part of my whole life; it helps me maintain an interior balance,” and it is this balance that calls out to the viewer in her creations.

Agora Gallery, N.Y.